The North West UK’s most iconic sound of 2021

About US

We are from The Wirral which has created and inspired many musicians and artists, to know exactly why this is, is something hard to pinpoint. With the peninsula being placed between the Mountains of Snowdonia to the music capital of Liverpool it’s safe to say
The Wirral is certainly an inspiring place to be. The Hounds of Baskerville attempt to capture the ‘North West’ in their music and performances. Catchy pop hooks with foreboding lyrics and moody undertones sets the stage for a music experience that stands out both in sound and presence

Indie / Rock band from the North West UK with comparisons to bands like – Echo and the Bunny Men, Kings of Leon, Joy Division, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Depeche Mode….


Upcoming Events

Our latest and upcoming events can be found to the right, you can find more information o events via our Social media channels like Facebook and Instagram.

Upcoming Events


Our most extensive collection of music is on Soundcloud and it’s the best place to keep up with our latest music. Every track is free to download or listen to as many times as you like.


Youtube is where we keep our Music videos. For anything visual and video format check out this channel, we’re constantly creating so keep your eyes peeled for new content regularly.

Social Media

Between Facebook and Instagram we have a large collection of clips and videos going all the way back to our birth as a band! You can see how we’ve grown here and also where we’re headed!


Our Spotify channel is in its infancy, but keep your eyes peeled for the latest releases from this truly Independent band! Once the lock downs lift and we can record again, Spotify wil soon fill up with new and epic tracks!

The Band

A little bit about the band members

Fred Robinson

vocalist /guitar

Singe, song writer and rythm guitarist. Personal influences include Indie, Blues, EDM, Classical and roots reggae (Any music basically!) 

Nick Pickering


Incoming ….

Sam Roberts


Incoming ….

Thom Roberts

lead guitar

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